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Collaboration Makes Us Stronger

Thursday is Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day at the Advocacy Network Africa (AdNetA) We have always  looked for ways to engage more people in quality life goal seeking practices. We are here for you. Be there for us too.

The Weekly Anti-TB Themes

Monday theme: COVID-19 affects the way communities decide on resource use to eradicate Tuberculosis. #StopTBPartnership, #StopTB #StopCOVID19. Tuesday theme:   Systems in place can make COVID-19 vaccines available. Don't let go of the Anti-TB momentum. #StopTBPartnership. Wednesday theme:  Public engagement in eradicating COVID-19 and TB means that you wear the mask, avoid crowds, wash your hands and Social-distance please. #StopTBPartnership. Thursday theme:  Let us talk about Latent, Childhood and Active TB screening, testing and provision of medicines promptly. #StopTBPartnership. Friday Theme: To end TB/HIV/Malaria by 2030 is possible through collective prevention and care. #StopTBPartnership. Saturday theme:  Your commitment is necessary to end TB and COVID-19. As well, health systems must be strengthened with the community beneficiaries in mind. #StopTBPartnership, #StopTBKenya Sunday theme:   TB/HIV/Malaria must not win. Empower people living with TB to fight COVID-19, HIV a