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Track HIV Justice Issues

HIV Justice Weekly - 27 August 2021                     Uganda to re-consider problematic HIV law provisions After five years of waiting, the Constitutional Court of Uganda has finally begun to hear a landmark case challenging the overly broad and draconian provisions of the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 2014.   Constitutional Court Judge Christopher Izama Madrama has instructed the Attorney General of the Government of Uganda to submit a formal reply to the HIV Constitutional Petition No. 4 of 2016, after it came up for mention in the Court on August 12th, 2021.   The petition, by a coalition of HIV, human rights, and LGBTQ organisations, seeks for the removal of three problematic clauses in the HIV Prevention and Control Act which was passed on May 13, 2014, by the Ugandan Parliament.   The Act allows for stringent punishments for the vague ‘crimes’ of attempted and intentional HIV transmission. The other problematic provisions in the Act are mandatory HIV testing for pr

This Is What Constitutes The September Anti-TB Advocacy Camp 2021 Highlights

A sneak Peek Of The September Anti-TB Advocacy Camp We are committed to building a robust care leveraging model with four tiers: 1. Enhancing discourse and planned activities within Prevention Communities of Best Practices (PCOB). 2. Prevention of latent TB. 3. Link children and expectant mothers to Child-TB prevention and care services. 4. Provide care and support for patients with active TB. #StopTBPartnership  #WHO 

The August 23rd to August 29th Anti TB Campaign

Monday theme: Build trust so that COVID-19 and Tuberculosis prevention is made a Community wide initiative. #StopTBPartnership, #StopTB #StopCOVID19. Tuesday theme:   Entrench team work. COVID-19 vaccines must be made available. Remember to promote Tuberculosis-zero deaths too. #StopTBPartnership. Wednesday theme:  Promote concerted engagement in eradicating COVID-19 and TB. Avoid crowds, wear the mask, practice hand-washing and ensure social -distancing. #StopTBPartnership. Thursday theme:  Make it possible for services to include screening, testing and provision of medication. Please stop the TB Cough stigma. Please seek medical attention, take medicines fully. #StopTBPartnership. Friday Theme: You are the connection to opportunities for TB/HIV prevention and care. Be part of the anti COVID-19 or TB campaigns. #StopTBPartnership. Saturday theme:  We are committed to end TB and COVID-19. The health systems must be strengthened with the community in mind. #StopTBPartnership, #StopTBKen

The Universal Health Coverage- UHC In Africa

UHC In Africa Awareness of the importance of domestic health budgets in Africa can be traced back to the Abuja Declaration in 2001. There are several important policy frameworks and regional initiatives in the African region. These include: Abuja Declaration (2001): In 2001, African Union (AU) countries pledged to allocate at least 15% of their annual budget to the health sector. The Abuja +12 Declaration in 2013 saw governments renew their pledges to end the epidemics of HIV, TB and malaria by 2030. In 2015, the Abuja Call and AU Roadmap were reviewed and extended to 2030. AU Catalytic Framework to end AIDS, TB and Malaria in Africa by 2030 (2016): The objective of the Catalytic Framework is to intensify the implementation of the Abuja+12 commitments by building Africa-wide consensus on the key strategic actions within the context of the existing targets and milestones. African Health Strategy (2016-2030): A framework providing strategic direction to Africa’s Member States in their ef

The Anti-TB Themes: 9th August to 15th August 2021

Monday Theme: We animate a legacy of Community Outreach work. Kick TB out of Africa. #StopTBPartnership Tuesday Theme: We make visible what it takes for communities to engage in Anti-TB drives. #StopTBPartnership Wednesday Theme: CBOs catalyze prevention within communities. They animate social support. #StopTBPartnership  Thursday Theme:  A Family Based Therapy Model (FBTM) fosters uptake of TB care services. #StopTBPartnership Friday Theme: Screening, testing and treatment therapy are innovations we leverage in TB prevention. #StopTBPartnership Saturday Theme: This time around we come out strongly to join the world to end TB, HIV, Malaria and COVID-19. #StopTBPartnership Sunday Theme:  We connect with facilities such as government bodies, NGOs, CSOs, CBOs and Local government entities to kick TB out of Mother Africa. #StopTBPartnership

Why We Are Involved in Anti-TB Campaigns

Why we are involved! The Anti-TB Champions TB is devastating not only for the individual but for the household and community too. A case (the one with TB) needs all the care possible before they are adversely affected. This requires screening, testing, treatment and constant supervision to ensure adherence. These services may not be available, either due to lack or difficulty in accessing services. Social, cultural and economic factors stand in the way of how people are able to overcome the vulnerabilities which expose them to such devastating experiences like TB or HIV, Malaria and COVID-19. In the case of TB, a person who has not had care may die soon due to loss of ability to sustain life in many ways. The lungs are rendered incapable of drawing in oxygen to the body. TB migrates to the entire body, the person is incapable of feeding and gets so thin that they eventually die.  We care because we do not want such suffering to be experienced by any one. No one will be left behind. Whe