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10 Reasons Why We Launched A Campaign Called: "Dear Mr. President Biden, A Letter From Africa"

 10 Reasons Why We Launched A Campaign Called: “Dear Mr. President Biden, A Letter from Africa” This is a letter written in a simple format but it has themes through which to draw attention to refugee plight in Africa. It is written in a narrative marinated in ethos, pathos and logos to make it appealing to an audience dealing with other pressing refugee related issues. It has direct and indirect ripple effects but we want to list only 10. 1.    Some of the refugees are in a first country of call and most of these have awaited resettlement in the US for more than 5 years. It is self-advocacy and a conversation starter. The world has so many competing interests. 2.    Refugees have a legacy they come with which they contribute to America and thus they create a profoundly catalytic society in which many find productive occupations. 3.    Refugees are empowered to advocate for themselves by appealing to a fundamental moral responsibility and motivating America to open its doors to refugee

Dear Mr. President Biden, A Letter From Africa

America is a dream. America is an aspiration. Mr. President, please consider increasing on the cap of asylum seekers coming to America. Please allow refugees to be welcome in the US through the refugee admissions program. It will be an opportunity to save many of us (some of us are gay). We seek to contribute to a wider dignified humanity. We believe America is that example we can tell ourselves in those quiet reflective moments. We know a refugee flees from one place to another in the hope of preserving life. But that is the beginning. An empowered refugee contributes to a local host community too. Refugees come in many types. Some are parents, victims of war, gay, children, elderly and victims of persecution. We have impeccable reasons for fleeing. When the US increases on its cap many refugees will be resettled. The record low caps by the US in the past few years alone has shown the need for US in the affairs of resettlement. Some of us have waited in a first country of call for 5-1

Know Your Anti-HIV Strategies 2021-2025

We are known for evidence-based, science-guided and human rights advocacy activities. Find time to read the strategic plans laid out by the International AIDS Society, a body coordinating all HIV prevention and control world-wide. Recall that the IAS 2016-2020 strategy impacts focused on results: Promote Science; Support Action; and Empower People.   Within each impact area, the strategy outlines 10-year outcomes for the global HIV response that are required to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.   The IAS has developed its 2021-2025 Organizational Strategy with the goal of achieving a resilient, science-based, adequately funded HIV response that respects human rights and responds to the varied needs of people living with and affected by HIV.   It is believed that enablers for the achievement of these outcomes include advancing and protecting human rights, enacting and/or reforming non-discriminatory laws, and basing action on scientific evidence. The IAS 2021-2025 strategy set