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It takes one hand to wash the other!

Welcome to the Refugees Organised Against AIDS (ROAA)!

The Team of Refugees Organised Against AIDS Come be part of us. Re: Message from the Organizer Welcome to the Refugees Organised Against AIDS (ROAA)!  Thanks for being part of us and we are so happy that you want to join us. What will happen next?  We have various write ups you can access. We use these as platforms on which all our activities are show cased. Join us via digital platforms as we shall not be doing physical contact beyond that which is allowable under COVID-19 Pandemic Government Of Kenya Protocols. In preparation for the AIDS 2020; Virtual Conference, our team will provide you with further information, knowledge and tips. Meanwhile follow our blogs, twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please take your time to look around.  If you have any difficulties, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: . We are looking forward to the AIDS 2020; Virtual Conference! The AIDS 2020: Virtual conference  is a gatherin