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COVID-19 And House Evictions Due To Rent Non-Payment

Tips on what one would do in case a landlady or landlord threatened to evict you: 1. As a tenant you must be given time to move. Usually it is one month or two. 2. Get audios or pictures of you as you are being told to move (notice). The audios or pictures are good evidence. 3. Go to LC Chairperson of your area and obtain a moving letter. Also while there log in a case. 3. Go to the police and log in a case too. Forced eviction is abusive. 4. Get pictures of your house as well as your property showing that you are moving. 5. Write emails to the so called "security team" am sure it is SMUG, IBU plus some other people who decide on behalf of LGBTIQQ in Uganda. 6. Print and keep all the emails. 7. Follow up SMUG, IBU and other persons by visiting with a witness. Take pictures while you are at the offices. A short video with voices helps. Or while in the offices record all audios. 7. Insist on being helped which may be in form of a letter or assurance that you will be

COVID-19, Public Health, Wellness and Quality Life Series

COVID-19, Public Health, Wellness and Quality Life Series COVID-19 and Daily Activities of Life RESTRICTIONS: Now that we are living under restrictions which in turn curtail our mobility, we need to a self-assessment. Your position and station in life matters and sets the stage for the health promoting (or retrograding) practices/behaviours. These in turn either expose or protect one against COVID-19. HOUSEHOLD: A home is the basic structure from which many are provided subsistence. Other places are prisons, army barracks, ships and camps. In other words all these places bring humans in contact with each other. Unavoidable contact! The best thing is to maintain a higher standard of hygiene habits. Wash your hands as soon as you wake up with soap, wash your body and clean up your bedding. This is the simplest yet most important start of the day activity. COUGH: If you blow your nose or cough cover the mouth and nose. Adopt the habit of moving around with pocket hand s