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2020 Is Here, Let Us Be Mindful Of Mother Earth

The Earth is the single place where human beings are living side by side with other animals, bacteria, plants, gases and various materials in a symbiotic ecosystem. Australia is burning! Right there under your feet is a polythene bag, pick it up, re-use it, or make sure it is the last one you are using, we are choking our own Earth, it is only one, there is no spare one, let us look after that forest, it is a rain forest, it is a tropical forest, it is a water tower, it is full of natural treasures, the ground on which your feet stand firm, the one you use to construct houses, the one on which cities are built, be mindful, take care of Mother Earth, happy 2020!

Tips On Promoting Effective HIV Prevention Communication

Part of who I am is: HIV Prevention and Control Practitioner, most specifically Prevention With Positives (PWP).  I also invested so much time in formulating and passing down health education, information and communication on life planning skills for people living with HIV. Below is one kind of awareness raising around Undetectable=Untransmitable (U=U) concept. I have noted how quickly we dismissed certain crucial parts of the U=U message. Most literature that is out there  on U=U needs to mention three important points besides U=U. The backdrop against which I can make the statement has the following characters: In cancer situations we make the claim "Cancer Survivor" for those in whom cancer signs/symptoms have disappeared. We can then say, they are in remission. Medical science has not pronounced herself on that matter as far as HIV goes. So, we must have sandwiched statements which must never get lost as we throw around the U=U mantra. We cannot