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Reasons Why PEPFAR Funding Does Not Effectively Meet HIV Roll Back Goals: Distributed Denial Of Opportunities To Access (DiDOTA) HIV Treatment Services For LGBTIQQ And Sex Workers In Uganda

Distributed denial of opportunities to access (DIDOTA) quality of life improving services (QOLIS) comes in many ways. Not only does discrimination, stigma, elitism, moralizing HIV Treatment Services and intolerance obstruct access to HIV Treatment Services (HTS ) for LGBTIQQ and Sex Workers but it fuels bias, denial of opportunities and impunity. This results in negative achievement of UNAIDS 95:95:95 by 2030 goal. It is within this context that one should understand the traumas faced by those denied services. These traumas fuel aggression, destruction and abuses of different kinds. Uganda has developed very robust structures for containing HIV most especially within the Heteronormative population groups because of these populations’ seemingly valorized way of life. However, there is need to involve LGBTIQQ and Sex Workers by  adopting an unconditional positive regard (UPR) which does not "demonize". This will make way for them to  participate in mecha

Pedagogy of Toxic Paternalism

Pedagogy of toxic paternalism seeks to show how the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Questioning, Queer, Sex-Workers' Movement has allowed comfort and luxurious life to hide the real pains still un-addressed. This has been a barrier blanketing the mission of self determination of marginalized people.  / Dear all, bring back activism that liberates. The old school kind that promoted collective upliftment whose outcomes were solutions that addressed inequalities. The type that points out the systemic structures entrenching precarious toxicity in movements. The kind that enshrined accountability and provided opportunities for leadership that transformed generations. / Citizenship rights, social-cultural rights, economic rights, modelling practices and self determination have been hijacked by "leaders" who front commercialism, commodification, and sadly externalization (where by leaders make requests for money to address a given issue "A" e.