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Q And A Forum: I just had a heavy meal like 10 minutes ago, but I feel hungry!

Harvard experts  and others from other universities, say what you eat, the time between meals, the condition of your stomach, the types of meals, what you have on your mind as far as food goes and what immediately meets your eyes contribute to the time between one meal and the next. There is a physiological and physical determinism of hunger. Food cue-evoked cravings in people is something that requires your consideration and should never be taken for granted.  These cues are responsible for 'turning on' hunger-promoting neurons in the hypothalamus. These AgRP neurons cause hunger—they are the quintessential hunger neuron and do so by expressing the gene for Agouti-related protein (AgRP).  By activating these AgRP neurons, you react to visual stimuli, you seek more food, and a feeling of hunger sets in. This is as far as the physiology goes.  But, why do people feel hungry minutes after feeding heavily and how can they address it? Make plans to feed