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Black Lives Matter At a Libyan Slave Auction; Do They Know Christmas 2017 Is Near?

As the weather changes over vast areas of Africa from wet to dry, crops are harvested (this is to put it simply). Animals are culled off. Some people are able to sell off animals, crop and household assets to get money they will use for whatever next activity they see fit. That inherent and inalienable pursuit of happiness. For Farah, Kidane, Tyaba, Ochukwuchu, Ongom, and Jennifer the single driving plan was to save enough to travel out of Africa in search of greener pastures.   Farah, Kidane, Tyaba, Ochukwuchu, Ongom, and Jennifer are a representation of younger Africans who are also breadwinners in their families and communities. They are the ones who are entrusted with the responsibility and have to try all means to sustain themselves and their loved ones. To many, traveling within or out of Africa to search for greener pastures is the option. South Africa has for long been a destination by many. Others look outside the continent. They do this like other humans have done in t

Zimbabwe's AHF celebrates 1 year; Uganda is on a reconstruction bid

When governments are behind all social improvement efforts it is a thankful moment. We bring you stories in narrative and picture form about two countries in Africa. ZIMBABWE: First, let us read about Zimbabwe in a story borrowed from AHF Newsletter: AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Zimbabwe turned one this year and to mark the happy occasion, the celebration coincided with the launch of the gold-colored ICON condoms in the country. The Ministry of Health & Child Care, four major Harare universities and AHF Zimbabwe hosted the event on Sept. 23. The festivities consisted of a multi-team sports tournament – in addition to the ICON launch and anniversary celebration, and were broadcast live on the country’s most popular radio station. “We are happy today that our partner AHF is launching a new condom here and specifically targeting our young people with this event,” said Ministry of Health & Child Care Director of AIDS and TB Units  Dr. O. Mugurungi . “

"Sexual" Like A Shoe brush or Comb, The Term Objectifies Humans As Sex Symbols; A cinder For Abuses And Fuel For A Refugee Crisis

In a heterosexual world, there is the 'Big H'   Heterosexuality and 'small h' heterosexuality. The 'big H' is the institutionalized structure with religion, ideology and politics playing important roles. The 'small h' includes matrimony, roles, literature, language and all those activities geared at operationalizing heterosexuality. Heterosexuality appropriates and valorizes "sexuality" while at the same time delegitimizes it when it is externalized and applied to homosexuality.  In this case, "Sexual" is objectified like a shoe brush or comb. It is this same manner that objectifies humans as sex symbols and in the case of same sex/gender loving persons, it is a cinder for abuses and fuel for eviction, lynching, expulsion from school, loss of jobs and one of the causes of the LGBTIQQ refugee crisis in the case of Uganda There are certain adjectives, nouns, adverbs, adverbial nouns and adjectival nouns that come into our daily