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There is a relationship between Mental Illness, stigma and discrimination and productivity in the workplace; lessons for Uganda

Mental illness is a human condition caused by factors such as: trauma, accidents, racism, subjugation, lopsided laws, inequity, inequality, torture, criminalization and social structures (homelessness and treatment of women). Mental illness affects productivity due to: the different diagnosable mental disorder and how they are treated; work-defined disability; employer-defined disability; utilization and access of workplace rehabilitation facilities. Mental illness is a health condition that has been the trigger of stigma and discrimination.   To locate how productivity and mental illness affect each other one has to first understand how productivity at the workplace is nested as well as how mental illness is perceived in society today.  Productivity at the workplace involves a multitude of baseline factors. The factors are: human resource; shelter; economic status of people;  the money invested to establish the job, the level of qualifications, skills, competency, assets; and