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Experiences of young dancer in Nigeria

I Killed My Boss Because He Tried To Rape Me 7 hours 53 minutes ago  //  Headline  |  I Killed My Boss Because He Tried To Rape Me     0   Google + 0 0 Comments    // Font size:    Eji Emmanuel A 22-year-old man, Eji Emmanuel, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for the alleged murder of a 39-year-old trader, Sylvanus Okoye. According to the police, the suspect stabbed the deceased to death at his home on Ezemegbu Drive, Okota in August. The suspect, however, explained that he killed the deceased in self-defence. He alleged that on the day of the incident, Okoye had attempted to rape him. Explaining the events that culminated in Okoye's death, the suspect said he was a dancer and was lured to Lagos by a friend, Chukwudi, under the guise of doing music business only for the friend to introduce him to homosexuality. He said he had gone to report the matter to his friend's boss but his friend's boss molested him twice and he

Situation Analysis into Same Sex relations, experimentation and normativity in Uganda

Government investigates four top schools over homosexuality SHARE   BOOKMARK PRINT RATING By URN Posted  Thursday, November 21   2013 at  12:41 SHARE THIS STORY       0 in Share Government is investigating four prominent secondary schools in Kampala and Wakiso districts over allegations that their students are involved in homosexual activities. Rev. Father Simon Peter Lokodo, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity says the schools being investigated are Gayaza High School, Makerere Secondary School, Kibuli High and Nalya Secondary School. The Minister told Uganda Radio Network that a recent impromptu visit discovered that more than 30 percent of students in these schools are involved in lesbianism and homosexuality. The visit was by a team from the Ministry’s directorate in the Department of Ethics and Education. Although URN could not independently verify the allegation, Fr Lokodo says some of the victims confessed to th

A selfless medic with a great heart for helping the sick

SHARE   BOOKMARK PRINT RATING Dr Robert Kalyesubula tests the blood pressure level of a patient. He set up health projects to help the people in Nakaseke. Photos by Rachael Mabala  By Gloria haguma Posted  Monday, November 25   2013 at  02:00 IN SUMMARY Robert Kalyesubula, the founder of the African Community Centre for Social Sustainability, has set up health-related self-help projects that have had great impact in the lives of the people of Nakaseke, especially those infected and affected by HIV/Aids. SHARE THIS STORY       0 in Share Wars have for long been known to be one of Africa’s biggest challenges, with many of them causing misplacement of people and separation of families. In Uganda, the most memorable one, aside from the 20-year Kony insurgency would be the Luweero bush war. During this war, one little eight-year-old boy, Robert Kalyesubula, found himself torn away from his family, running for dear life, with no

LGBT Organizing and Self Determination in Africa; Lessons From Zimbabwe

Information & Communications GALZ Book and Video Library In Zimbabwe where freedom of expression is seriously restricted through repressive legislation and other means and where an unofficial ban exists on lesbian and gay people speaking for themselves using the government-controlled media, the GALZ Information and Communications Department plays an important role in countering state-instigated propaganda. In this regard, it produces accurate and balanced information for dissemination to the GALZ membership and the broader public. Major Publications Until recently, gay and lesbian literature, specifically relevant to Zimbabwe, was virtually non-existent. Even today, there are still only a very few examples of Zimbabwean gay fiction that have been published in this country, all of them short stories. During the 1990s, GALZ produced a quarterly magazine with a mixture of local and international content but, since 1995, the association has expanded its publication bas

Deliver culturally competent care to LGBTI persons; Lessons From Zimbabwe

GALZ recently concluded training to 17 medical doctors drawn from around Zimbabwe .The training seeks to ensure that Doctors deliver culturally competent care to LGBTI persons, which has been shown to be successful in positively changing the knowledge, attitudes and practices of health care providers. Facilitated by Dr. Johan Hugo, a senior medical officer with Anova Health Institute and Ms. Caroline Maposhere, a sexual reproductive health rights specialist, the training covered aspects of human sexuality, history taking, STI’s and HIV management amongst MSM, mental health for MSM and other medical conditions. Reports from members of GALZ have consistently shown that they face barriers when attempting to access health care in Zimbabwe. MSM reported experiences of stigma from some healthcare providers resulting in lower access to HIV services and commodities such as condoms, lubricants, HIV testing and HIV treatment. It is important that healthcare workers are sensitized about LGB

LGBT rights in Sudan

LGBT rights in Sudan: Someone fights for the Rainbow In the West, the African country is little known, wrapped in a a silence characterized more by indifference rather than misery. Darfur, a vast region of Sudan theater of terrible violence for nearly a decade, captured some attention, but then silence felt even on this conflict. Quite nobody has never heard about homosexual people in Sudan… at least until February 9th 2012, when Mohammed founded Rainbow Sudan, the first LGBTQ* group and website in the country. Mohammed, a kind man and a charming poet, tells to Il grande colibrì the reality if a country in transition, still undecided between obscurantism and secularism, democracy and dictatorship. “Just think years ago, until the early 80s, being gay wasn’t an issue: homosexuality was common in society, among athletes, intellectuals, artists… Wedding singers were often gay and they were very popular. Then new Islamic laws came…” It was 1983: president Ga’far Muhammad an-Nimayr