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Read something new about Vaccines.... September 13, 2013 12:12:00 PM CMV-based vaccine can clear SIV infection in macaques Could a vaccine be used to functionally cure HIV infection? New evidence from an animal study suggests the strategy may work, though the infection cleared was—of course—of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), not HIV. READ MORE Written by  Andreas von Bubnoff   Category:  News   |  0  Comments  |    Links to this post August 30, 2013 03:40:00 PM New animal model recapitulates sexual HIV transmission Most HIV transmissions happen heterosexually, but so far,  animal models  don’t accurately recapitulate this process. Instead, researchers manually place a droplet of a solution that contains viruses inside the vagina of females. Now, researchers have for the first time modeled heterosexual HIV transmission in a much more accurate way: In mice that actually have sex ( Dis. Model. & Mech. , 2013; do

That what you eat makes or breaks you? Read on

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Miss America is evolving

The Science behind diseases; good read

Vulnerability and coping by middle-class and students in Higher Institutes of learning; lessons for HIV Response Planning in Uganda

The following have been collected from Uganda's daily: How university girls live large in  hostels Jul 21, 2013  ...  Magistrate's absence delays organ trade  case .  ...  An undercover investigation in various city  hostels  unveils how university girls  ....  “From the way you are describing it, that is prostitution and prostitution is illegal in  Uganda .  ...  in  hostels , this business could escalate into the spread of  HIV /AIDS in universities  ... hostels . html Corporate sex Chu Lee came into  Uganda  seven years ago and established the two Chinese  ...  by to the nearby Akamwesi  Hostel  or the City Regency  Hotel  have no clue or  ...  with male clients and in some cases , girls pocket up to sh200,000 depending on  ...  The danger of contracting  HIV  or STDs as most men insist on unprotected sex  ...