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MDG 2: Achieve universal Primary Education, attendance and completion ; where do we fail in Uganda?

MDG 2; Universal Primary Education, attendance and completion. Where is Uganda failing?

The joy of studying harder and getting good grades amidst acid attacks; lessons from UK and Zanzibar

Student who had acid thrown into her face in Zanzibar learns she has won a place at Bristol moments before skin graft operation Katie Gee and  Kirstie Trup, both 18, were doused with acid on Zanzibar Miss Trup will be reading history while Miss Gee wants to go to Leeds Both are due to have grafts at   Chelsea and Westminster  Hospital Boy, 12, gets A* in maths while teenager gets 6A*s in her incredible results By  MARTIN ROBINSON PUBLISHED:  05:16 EST, 15 August 2013  |  UPDATED:  05:28 EST, 15 August 2013       0 View comments One of the teenagers who had acid thrown on her in Zanzibar was told she had been given a place at university as she went into surgery for a  skin graft  this morning. Kirstie Trup will be going to  Bristol University  and reading history after receiving her A level results like thousands of others today. The 18-year-old found out the news at the burns unit in Chelsea and Westminster hospital this morning. She and Katie Gee, also

Lessons in introspective check-mating and leadership best practices from Clinton Foundation

Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions Soon after the 10th anniversary of the foundation bearing his name, Bill Clinton  met with a small group of aides and two lawyers from Simpson Thacher & Bartlett. Two weeks of interviews with Clinton Foundation executives and former employees had led the lawyers to some unsettling conclusions. Multimedia Graphic The Overlapping Clinton World VIDEO : Clinton Calls to Protect Voting Rights Related Clinton Calls for Action to Protect Voter Rights  (August 13, 2013) Enlarge This Image Joao Silva/The New York Times Bill Clinton  and his daughter, Chelsea, in South Africa last week. Readers’ Comments Share your thoughts. Post a Comment » Read All Comments (347) » The review echoed criticism of Mr. Clinton’s early years in the White House: For all of its successes, the Clinton Foundation had become a sprawling concern, supervised by a rotating board of old Clint

Ensure incarceration spaces are not exposing in-mates to HIV, TB, Malaria

HIV/AIDS affects over 10 million prisoners globally Zambia Prisons Services Commissioner, Gibbie Nawa, says more than 10 million people in prisons across the world have been seriously affected by the HIV/ AIDS pandemic . Mr. Nawa said most countries in the sub-Saharan region have a higher HIV prevalence rate among their prison populations than the  general  population of the same countries. He said a decade ago, the Zambia Prison Service carried out an HIV prevalence  survey  which showed that the prevalence rate of the pandemic in prisons varied from that of the outside population. He was speaking at the official opening of a three-day  training  workshop  held for prison service officers-in-charge on HIV/AIDS in Kabwe yesterday. The training workshop is aimed at providing prisons leadership with information on how to reduce stigma and discrimination in order to help both prisoners and officers accept their status. Mr. Nawa also noted that Zambian prisons officers are at  hi

Does condom distribution encourage sexual Intercourse among in-mates in Zambia? Zambia Prisons Service bans distribution of condoms to prisoners, it encourages homosexuality THE Zambia Prisons Service (ZPS) has said it will not condone distribution of condoms in prisons because doing so encourages homosexuality among inmates. ZPS commissioner Perce Chato said the prisons authority had no intention of embarking on the distribution and supply of condoms to inmates. Mr Chato said this in an interview in Kitwe shortly after he launched the Mobile Hospital at Kamfinsa State Prisons. He said permitting distribution and supply of condoms would be encouraging Sodomy, an act which was illegal in the country. “We have an obligation to protect and promote the Republican Constitution. If we permit distribution of condoms its like we are contradicting the provisions of the Constitution which prohibit homosexuality,” Mr.Chato said. H

Tivicay is approved for use in a broad population of HIV-infected patients; Treating HIV

On August 12, 2013, FDA approved Tivicay (dolutegravir), a new antiretroviral agent to treat HIV-1 infection.   Tivicay is an integrase strand transfer inhibitor (INSTI) that interferes with one of the enzymes necessary for HIV to multiply. It is a new molecular entity, which comes in pill form, to be taken daily in combination with other antiretroviral drugs.   Tivicay is approved for use in a broad population of HIV-infected patients. It can be used to treat HIV-infected adults who have never taken HIV therapy (treatment-naïve) and HIV-infected adults who have previously taken HIV therapy (treatment-experienced), including those who have been treated with other integrase strand transfer inhibitors. Tivicay is also approved for children ages 12 years and older weighing at least 40 kilograms (kg) who are treatment-naïve or treatment-experienced but have never  taken other integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTI-naïve).   Tivicay’s safety and efficacy in adults was eval

Long term mutual monogamous relations help reduce vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections

Encouraging MSM to negotiate clear sexual agreements with their primary partner should become a best practice, as well as partner reduction and practicing mutual monogamy. For more information:

Social networks can be motivators in adherence to prevention practices

New Hampshire hospital technician pleads guilty in hepatitis outbreak

New Hampshire hospital technician pleads guilty in hepatitis outbreak

Uganda in the eyes of an International Epidemiologist

Image Uganda Makes Impressive Progress on Health Posted: 08/08/2013 3:40 pm Follow HIV/AIDS ,  Health ,  Uganda ,  Centers For Disease Control ,  Tom Frieden ,  Centers For Disease Control And Prevention ,  Hewlett-Packard ,  Marburg ,  Pepfar ,  Plague ,  Impact News 23 18 1 1 GET IMPACT NEWSLETTERS: SUBSCRIBE Last month I was in Uganda. As I planned for this trip, I wasn't sure what to expect. Uganda is the only country served by the president's  Emergency Plan  for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) with a rising HIV incidence; I anticipated that there might be problems. What I saw instead was impressive progress. Although Uganda will have challenges for many years as a result of increased HIV infections over the past decade, and has much more to do, I was struck by how much headway they've made in the past couple of years. The