Why We Are Involved in Anti-TB Campaigns

Why we are involved!

The Anti-TB Champions

TB is devastating not only for the individual but for the household and community too.

A case (the one with TB) needs all the care possible before they are adversely affected.

This requires screening, testing, treatment and constant supervision to ensure adherence.

These services may not be available, either due to lack or difficulty in accessing services.

Social, cultural and economic factors stand in the way of how people are able to overcome the vulnerabilities which expose them to such devastating experiences like TB or HIV, Malaria and COVID-19.

In the case of TB, a person who has not had care may die soon due to loss of ability to sustain life in many ways. The lungs are rendered incapable of drawing in oxygen to the body. TB migrates to the entire body, the person is incapable of feeding and gets so thin that they eventually die. 

We care because we do not want such suffering to be experienced by any one.

No one will be left behind.
When one suffers, all of us suffer.

This is why we are Anti-TB Champions.


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