Stopping The TB, COVID-19, Malaria and HIV related vulnerability July 2021 to December 2021

A Caring Community Campaign July 2021-December 2021

COVID-19 and Caring Communities

This is our plan.

Communities are spaces where adults and children can access life promoting services such as masks, sanitizer, hand-washing materials, Anti-TB, Anti-COVID-19, Anti-HIV, Anti-Malaria and other forms of servjces.

Where communities lack such services then that is a TB, HIV, Malaria or COVID-19 related vulnerability and aggression. 

We must provide opportunities for children and all people to grow and develop well. Every person  has the right to be born well, to be cared for and raised well.

The mini plans include:

Support Healthy Living for Your Child: 

There is a connection between your sense of reality and psychological dimensions

Say No to Psychological Abuse:

Psychological abuse is typically characterised by an abuser distorting someone’s sense of reality. This is also called gas lighting. The goal of the psychological abuser is to convince the victim that she’s crazy or incompetent. She/He might, for example, insist that some event happened in a much different way than she/he remembered, to the extent that basic, verifiable facts about the situation were different. It could be something like “No, you didn’t wear your red jacket; you wore your blue jacket. Don’t you remember?” Convincing someone her/his memory is imperfect in these small matters sets the stage for larger deceptions later on. While it’s normal for people to remember events differently or to forget minor details, a psychological abuser will distort facts with the intent of undermining your confidence and making you more pliable. Children, who are provided psychological growth support face, can try out things on their own, life’s challenges and engage in problem-solving with confidence. This improves on their relationships, team-work skills, confidence and autonomy.

When you are a family and the children cannot access food, care, love, compassion, privacy, agency, autonomy and self-determination tools, then that is aggression.

When you are a community and that community cannot provide the necessary safety nets to avoid COVID-19, then that is aggression.

Know the different types of abuses:

• Physical abuse.
• sexual child abuse (Rape, molestation, child pornography)
• Neglect (Physical neglect, educational neglect, and lack of protection from diseases)
• Emotional abuse (Verbal, Mental, or Psychological related)
• Domestic violence or abuse.
• Sexual abuse
• Financial or material abuse
• Modern slavery
• Discriminatory abuse
• Organisational or institutional abuse

These abuses can lead to TB, COVID-19, Malaria, and HIV related vulnerability.


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