Gardening Is Rewarding

Gardening is rewarding in many ways.

Imagine a day when you have set aside time to till the land or care for your garden.

It involves your physical side, holding a hoe or spade and swinging it around to perform an activity takes strength and sweat.

You have to do it repeatedly so that you are able to clear a wider seed-bed or tilled land.

Yes, you subject yourself to intensive work. It is strenuous but at the end of the day, it is rewarding.

But, the rewards are immense. The rewards are physiological, physical and psychological.

At the physiological level, the brain for instance, gains nourishment in form of an outpouring of dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. These hormones refresh the parts of the brain called the frontal cortex where most of the functions that ensure routine are prompted.

The physical nature of work, prompts muscle coordination as well as oxygen intake in the body. Physical work done repeatedly blossoms into experience, skills-building and acquisition of quality knowledge of what one does.

The psychological aspect of gardening originates from the visual cues such as a cleared seed-bed without weeds or blossoming plants. The fruit of one's work is a reward that motivates one to be happy. 

Gardening through the work we routinely do has immense rewards to the individual. 

Enjoy your garden and don't treat it as a punishment or drudgery. Gardening is therapeutical and a form of production too.


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