Anti-TB and Anti-COVID-19 Weekly Campaign 26th July 2021 to 1st August 2021

Monday theme:

Please be part of the COVID-19 and TB Prevention efforts. #StopTBPartnership, #StopTB #StopCOVID19.

Tuesday theme:  

COVID-19 is real. TB is real.To prevent COVID-19 and TB fully join the prevention plans around you. #StopTBPartnership.

Wednesday theme: 

We call on you to avoid crowds, wear the mask, hand-washing and ensure social -distancing. #StopTBPartnership.

Thursday theme: 

Stop TB or COVID-19 go for testing. Please seek medical attention, take medicines fully. #StopTBPartnership.

Friday Theme:

TB and COVID-19 can be prevented. Be part of the anti COVID-19 or TB campaigns. Travel less, congregate less and wear the mask. #StopTBPartnership.

Saturday theme: 

To stop TB and COVID-19, be involved in anti-TB and anti- COVID-19 Campaigns in your community. Show up and be counted. #StopTBPartnership, #StopTBKenya

Sunday theme:  

To stop diseases such as COVID-19, TB, HIV and Malaria. Don't sit back. Don't allow TB and COVID-19 to prevail. #StopTBPartnership


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