A Partnership Blossoms Into Enduring Strategic Public Health Planning Activities

Family Based Therapy Model (FBTM) Activities

Using our home-like space to conduct strategic quality life promoting activities whose outcomes include: self-worth, self-esteem and confidence building.

We use psycho-social support sessions to promote dialogue around thematic issues.

This allows appropriate use of resources, we plan as a team, we participate as a team, we build dignity-affirmation bonds, we allow members to tell (in their own words) the concerns, needs and encourage them to commit to practices and habits which maintain order and co-existence in our safe space. 

It is so important when we safeguard ourselves against what can disrupt out peace, security and safety.

We work with the Nature Network Group. 

We are so glad that the Family based therapy model(FBTM) has been a core administrative mainstay for the way business is conducted. It is inclusive and it addresses equity related issues.

Thank you to all who continue to be our friends, allies and well-wishers.


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