Social Media Platforms Leverage Imagination

Using Social Media Platforms To Enhance Health Promotion and  Advocacy Campaigns Against HIV, TB,Malaria and COVID-19

We involve ourselves into strategic promotion of information, education and communication to raise consciousness about how contributions to quality life goals can optimally be made.

Regularly updated social media platforms enable us to provide information that stimulates decision-making.

We use the platforms as notice boards though which we connect with readers.

Social media platforms are an archive of activities that can be accessed by those who desire to find out what we are engaged in.

Social media platforms are reporting tools which can be used to track activities.

The platforms are an opportunity to manage what is shared widely, they make interaction possible and provide themes to follow categorically.

The routine embedded within such enterprise makes it galvanizing especially if those who were previously stigmatized or discriminated can use the platforms to broaden opportunity for participation and involvement.

Social media platforms leverage action to participate in activities such as Health, social justice or  human rights promotion.

Those who engage in regular updates are the interlocutors and champions  who create new jobs. The jobs then increase room for others to participate in self development as well as livelihood enhancement.

Social media platforms leverage maximization of opportunities that create expansion of work spaces and virtual mobility. These can translate into economic, cultural, social and technology development opportunities.

The routine creates a sense of accomplishment, the displays provide visual cues that can be in form of records or notices and the work space broadens possibilities.

In using social media platforms, we have been able to develop human resource in form of social change agents or champions. We are able to leverage imagination, catalyze effort, contribute to means and create instantiation that elevates dignity for all.


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