Refugees Are Humans And Dignified

Refugees are economic contributors whose consumer practices provide money through spending and enterprise start-ups.

Refugees live in local host communities and work to sustainably live as contributing members of a vibrant community. This is through increasing the local gross domestic product.

Refugees contribute to the demand for goods, explore means to access services, create jobs, go to local schools and pay toward the local tax-base.

Some refugees are skilled in different areas of expertise. That way, they may integrate easily and make potential local economic contribution.

Refugees contribute to traditional philanthropy and appropriate altruism when they engage in rasing funds for emergencies such as during this pandemic.

The benefits outweigh the fears hosts have about refugees.

These fears revolve around wage competition, burdening the social services, food and land scarcity, unsafe living conditions and crowding. Due to different backgrounds, there are likely to be disagreements around religion, cultures and exposure to experiences.

But, on the whole refugees contribute to a richer and more diverse socio-cultural setting and with this comes job opportunities.

Refugees are ready to take on education opportunities to enable them gain income generating skills.

Refugees need to be well prepared mentally, spiritually, culturally, physically and economically to fit into the newer setting. That way they will readily be seen as contributing members and not a nuisance.


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