Sexual and Reproductive health Is Business You Should Mind About!

Sexual and Reproductive health Is Business You Should Mind About!

We have sexual rights, reproductive responsibilities; body agency, autonomy and self-determination goals.

The dignity of humanity and the reward for healthy goals is possible when we participate in understanding who and what we are. We deploy this to negotiate for life enhancing practices or resources.

Sexual health as a resource is one area we are striving to share with our beneficiaries with aim of breaking it down for them as an empowering tool for quality life experiences. Sexual and reproductive health is a resource one uses to participate in quality life experiences and self-determination.

According to the American Sexual Health Association, “sexual health is the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives. It is an important part of our physical and emotional health. Being sexually healthy means:

  • Understanding that sexuality is a natural part of life and involves more than sexual behavior.
  • Recognizing and respecting the sexual rights we all share.
  • Having access to sexual health information, education, and care.
  • Making an effort to prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs and seek care and treatment when needed.
  • Being able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired.
  • Being able to communicate about sexual health with others including sexual partners and healthcare providers.”

We prepare sessions and IEC materials that target youth, sex-workers, celibate females, celibate males, LGBTIQQ and eunuchs. You see, sexual health is more than genitalia. It is experiential and sensual. One can base it on the sole criterion of production of reproductive cells. This way one can say there are two sexes: the female sex, capable of producing large gametes (ovules), and the male sex, which produces small gametes (spermatozoa). 

But once one is open-minded, we can explore and link gender, body characteristics, identity and expression to sexual health. There are men who have fetuses and have carried pregnancy to term. Yes! Rare genetic conditions of genotypical males exist; they develop as females and possess the anatomy required for gestation; these intersex people have carried fetuses to term and given birth. 

So please read this with an open mind and get time to do research or read widely. Information frees the mind.


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