World Tobacco Day!

World No Tobacco Day 2020

Theme: COVID-19 and World No Tobacco Day

Sub-theme: "The secret's Out"

We encourage everyone to join us in this campaign, spread awareness and create a tobacco-free generation.

This is especially important right now as studies show that smokers have a higher risk for severe case of corona virus.

The World Health Organisation calls on all young people to join the fight to become a tobacco-free generation.

Today, we joined the entire world to share our social skills around not taking the habit of smoking. Remember, today is World No Tobacco Day. We are conscious of the damage smoking can do to one's health. Smoking irritates the entire airway and interferes with the body's ability to clean itself or clear micro waste. This in turn increases chances for infections like TB or COVID-19.

We asked ourselves, what we could do to animate to three sets of habits.

The three specific habits are:

1. The habits to refuse;

2. The habits to adhere to not smoking for those dropping the habit;

3. Not picking up the habit to smoke.

We referred to self-care and social care goals to animate our ideas to engaging in practices showing how one can adopt measures to reduce or avoid smoking. We have collected over 50 pictures which have practices whose impact is to build both one’s contexts in which to avoid smoking and the benefits that accrue from this. These pictures cover 10 themes that we found practical:

1. It is a best practice not to pick up a smoking habit, otherwise one gets addicted. This has detrimental consequences.

2. It is a good habit to avoid social contexts that draw one to smoking. Most times there are other incidental life threatening habits.

3. It is good to adopt practices which in turn show you are engaging in activities that do not endanger your life. Smoking cigarettes is a danger to your life.

4. It is good practice to engage in self-examination into what best practices put in you danger. The habit of smoking puts your life in danger by making you vulnerable to lung and blood infection.

5. Seek the support of someone who is more qualified than you if you want to adopt healthy living practices.

6. Recognise there are factors around which you can avoid being lured into smoking habits. Such factors may include: exposure and peer pressure.

7. Recognise there are factors around which you can utilise to stop smoking. Such factors may include: counselling, guidance and a drastic change of habits.

8. Seek to learn other skills which will keep you occupied so that you may not find time for cigarette smoking.

9. Find time to seek counselling and guidance on how you can cope with stress so that it helps you to navigate life without intoxication or inhalation habits.

10. There ways you can engage communities to participate in self-care, influencing others positively and remaining true to positive commitments.

We hope through this pictorial story you will be able to share our sentiments.






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