End of Take Health in Your Hands-Take TB Prevention Personal Campaign Report

End of Take Health in Your Hands-Take TB Prevention Personal Campaign Report

This was a joint 1 week advocacy campaign from 18th May to 24th May 2020 that was meant to highlight the 7 social practices and the skills behind necessary to end TB by 2030. We are grateful to all of you for supporting our work. Below is the agenda as it was outlined. We have also attached the Sunday Thematic activity to enable you understand that scope we dealt with.

Monday: Statistics

Tuesday: Testing

Wednesday: Treatment

Thursday: Adherence to Anti-TB medication taking

Friday: Ensuring a negative sputum

Saturday: Cough etiquette and cough consciousness

Sunday: Home hygiene, Home Hygiene, Personal cleanliness and safety best practices


The Home Hygiene, Personal cleanliness and safety best practices

It is important to clean your bed, bedsheets and all clothing. Clean your premises regularly to reduce instances of re-infection. Having a cough or TB does not stop you from participating in forms of recreation. Get out of the house and breathe in fresher air while outdoors. Remember, take your medication fully. TB Patients and Anti-TB Champion are encouraged to engage in the following activities. The aim is to keep their personal space or area and by extension your hands clean:

    • Cough and deposit spittle in a designated trough with strong detergents or ash at the bottom
    • Do not spit everywhere
    • Protect your mouth when you cough
    • Protect your nose when you blow them
    • Move with masks
    • Move with wipes
    • Wipe your shoes, sandals and slippers
    • Wash and dry all the mops you use
    • Clean all your utensils and dry them on a rack
    • Wash every after using the latrine, toilet or convenience room
    • Your room and all exposed surfaces must be mopped with detergents
    • Use hand sanitizer as you enter and exit places
    • Wipe down doors jabs, bag handles and surfaces you touch with a disinfectant wipe
    • Clean your bed-pan, spittle containers and basins with strong detergent solution
    • Put your bedding out in the sun once every week
    • Clean your house and take everything out in the sun regularly
    • Travel with your own pen and note pad. Use your own pen to sign receipts and any touch keypads.
    • When you get home wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and clean whatever you touch
  • Listen to one of our videos

Please follow our work to read about how we are making health accessible to grassroots through our Health promotion, advocacy and quality life work.


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