COVID-19 Africa “Do No Harm” Campaign: LGBTIQQ Identity Path To Incarceration Or Self Determination In Uganda

There is a health alternative and answer to the LGBTIQQ question and self-determination in Uganda.

There have to be Strategic Plans supporting dignity, respect, justice, enjoyment of quality life, livelihood, agency, autonomy and self-determination of LGBTIQQ persons in Uganda.

Let us  support that approach as well.

Is it possible for LGBTIQQ in Uganda to be supported to pursue self-esteem and quality life self-preservation goals?

It is their right to dress the way they feel dignifies them. Right?

But........but, you are a leader who believes in this narrative. Right?

Let us think back. Critical analysis here!

You have led LGBTIQQ since the start of activism and indeed your work is commendable.

You have won awards, recognition and and accolades. Right?

Let us use the same dignity you enjoy to think with a dignity-affirmation lens.

"Human rights" are humanised rights when you are arguing a case for universal care, love by parents, denounce persecution, stabilised housing, livelihood, school retention, remedial literacy/numeracy classes, assurance of acquisition of college level degrees, employment and assurance of keeping the jobs, hygiene and high sanitary standards, ability to form or join cooperatives that improve on self and communities.

We are here to support that narrative.

We are fed up of taking the incarceration path that is driven by certain approaches.

LGBTIQQ lives matter!

The excitement behind the scenes is palpable. We are prepping, practicing and going over the nitty-gritty details of preparing a marathon, rather a hackathon. We deliberately mine our brains, books of reference and various models to come up with a tailor made operational model.

Health promotion is our task.

There are 10 difficulties we analysed from all the analysis we have done as far as marginalised population groups are concerned.

1. The lack of life span view of one's self
2. Indifference and a lack of solidarity which affects teamwork
3. Lack of Strategic planning skills mainstreaming health
4. Lack of reporting and feedback skills
5. No clear definitions around health goals
6. Lack of self direction which in turn affects intrinsic agency
7. Need for logistical support to support the different activities
8. Need for information, education and communication support
9. Need to link strategy, impact and goals
10. Need to acquire critical thinking skills and use them

Please follow our work.
Health promotion is the new activism.
Move away from the kind of activism that makes you end in prison with very traumatic long waits to hear your case.
Avoid such people who make you get in a desperate frenzy.
Work toward dignity, respect and care for your own life.
Work with teams that improve on the way you look at life.
Your life matters.

The Four Way Test:

Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it promoting a quality life now, tomorrow and in the future where my agency, self-determination and autonomy are not affected?

2. Is it promoting a possibility for me to engage in personal hygiene, social hygiene, self-development and that of the community?

3. Will it make me a better contributor to all means for quality for myself and others?

4. How is it promoting quality life goals?


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