CIVICUS 2020 Report Is Out

CIVICUS 2020 Report is out:

A report we helped develop.

In Our Case Advocacy amplifies narratives that drive action and greater experiences of life.

The report highlights:

1. The 2020 State of Civil Society Report is out now! In its analysis of the last years, the report found: The pandemic has accelerated major economic, political and social problems; Civil society has proven its value by winning key breakthroughs over the last year; The fight is now on to build a better post-pandemic world – civil society is in the forefront of this battle. 

Read the report at: #SOCS2020

2. The report describes the massive people’s mobilisations to demand democracy, urge fairer economic policies, challenge inequalities, call for more accountable global governance and insist on urgent action on the climate crisis. Read the report at: #SOCS2020
3. In 2019, civic action proved its value from Sudan, where a longstanding dictator was ousted and military rule resisted, to Chile, where consultative processes to write a new constitution are now underway, all as a result of mass mobilisation.
4. “Civil society ideas – such as the green new deal to ensure sustainable jobs, a universal basic income and debt cancellation for global south countries, among many other civil society solutions advanced in recent years – must be an essential component of a socially just and rights-respected recovery,” @LysaJohn #SOCS2020

Find time to read it please:


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