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Universal Health Coverage (UHC) What It Takes To Make It Universal

Universal Health Coverage It covers both health and well-being and it means enabling people to live and produce sustainably on the planet. It means a grandmother looking after grandchildren will not have to sell all the crops meant for food to pay for hospital bills. It also means there is insurance coverage for a pandemic such as COVID or Ebola and that countries have the necessary readiness to address diseases/infections. It means humans are made aware that we live on a planet that needs being cared for if we are to be assured of quality life. It has positive and sustainable characteristics which enable individuals and organisations to thrive and flourish. It is a product that is consumable, demanded and produced. It means that a social-political-legal regime allows for grassroots to be mobilized and organized to translate policy, programming and planning into actionable life promoting practices. The policy, programming and planning constitutes the representation, characte

On The Standard Of Dignity For All In A Complex World, A short Essay

Our life lays bare the options we have before us. We have to balance our agency, autonomy and self-determination with the fact that we live in shared spaces and use shared resources.  We are called upon to be charitable while at the same time self-preservation is paramount. Agency can only be beneficial when we address those basic needs and instincts while not sacrificing altruism and a sense of community.  Community’s ingredients are diverse and this is what makes life fulfilled and fulfilling. This sets our conditions. It does not mean we have to be able to please everyone but we have to have to have standards.  We should never allow disrespect for another human being just because they are different. This then negates the principle of diversity inherent in humanity. We refrain from making judgments, taking into consideration the complexity of people's day-to-day lived situations.