When The ICASA Is In Uganda, LGBTIQ+ Will Show Case A country That Renounces Viciousness and Hostilities

ICASA 2019, will be in Uganda. So, the LGBTIQQ will show case a country that renounces viciousness and hostilities.

This is possible when:

1. LGBTIQQ Activists are able to provide a well organized front against HIV.

2. When LGBTIQQ are provided support to formulate strategic wellness plans that increase LGBTIQQ Participation in healthy living.

3. when LGBTIQQ are allowed to contribute to the wider societal quality of life.

Andrew Green in an article titled: "Uganda chosen to host Africa's biggest HIV conference amid LGBT crackdown," makes the assertion that "activists are divided over whether the decision has given the country a free pass or presents an opportunity to push for change."

ICASA is an opportunity in all its formulations and substance. It provides the opportunity to look into the existing plans where LGBTIQ+ have been empowered to make decisions as far as HIV/AIDS eradication goes in Uganda.

It also provides opportunity for leaders to focus on mobilizing communities to be able to align all action toward eradication of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. This is the story the world is looking out for. This is the story whose action will be used to measure retribution, perpetrators of injustices, violent attacks and Uganda Government effort to address abuses against LGBTIQ+. 

This is our countdown to ICASA 2021 and we are going to document:

1. Stories of resilience by LGBTIQ+ and how they are contributing to eradication of HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

2. Action plans and outcomes against retribution.

3. Estimation and measures against retribution.

4. Identify and tell stories about the actions of perpetrators of injustices and violent attacks against LGBTIQ+.

5. Uganda Government effort to address abuses against LGBTIQ+. 

We shall present our findings during the ICASA 2019.

We want Uganda to be known as a beacon of change.

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Let us give Uganda the benefit of a State which has renounced viciousness and hostilities against LGBTIQ+.

An asylum seeker from Uganda holds a rainbow flag during a Pride parade in Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S. Photo by: REUTERS / Jessica Rinaldi


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