Queer Community Participates In UHC-Day Events And Adds To Voices Demanding Health For All

Thank you all for enabling us to conduct the UHC-Day, Africa-Baraza. UHC in full is Universal Health Coverage. 

We started with committing to clean our yards, adopt a welcoming face, a comfortable drop-by center and a readiness to provide answers to frequently asked questions on health. 

Little did we know that we would win a coveted grant to host refugees, Queer refugees at that, to an experience very few funders support. 

From 25th November to 12th December we held events geared at raising the critical hours to engage in conversation, narratives and action around improving or making room for healthy living goals. 

For refugees Universal health coverage is a promise which will go a long way to set the pace for better lifestyles and quality of life. Leaders should keep their word.

We were able to hold intact our connectedness and on the UHC-Day, Africa-Baraza we realized we had done so much to stay connected. UHC in full is Universal Health Coverage.

Thank you SWKPAAP, MARPS in Uganda, ROSCEA and Nature Network. We are going forward and backward no more. One day, we are to support the work we have always wanted to do for our communities. Thank you for making it possible for all of us to conduct the UHC-Day Event targeting LGBTIQQ Refugees.



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