Lisa Mackey Amplifies Breaking News On Situation At Kakuma Camp 3

Lisa Mackey UN Human Rights Commission: Please deal with UNHCR Kenya and the Government of Kenya's failure to protect basic human rights.

This Facebook post sums up events on the ground currently in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya:

I am Lisa Mackey, an American citizen and permanent resident of Iceland. I advocate for and provide psychosocial support to LGBTQI refugees in Kenya. I speak with multiple refugees every day.

I was working on preparing a better email about this, but there is breaking news happening NOW in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya!

UNHCR is ABSOLUTELY COMPLICIT in this genocide in the making.

This article is outdated, as the death toll from this football riot had reached 15, I believe:


The following are short quotes I have received this weekend from LGBTQI in camp:

From a refugee:

"In this very area, there are alot of Sudanese people, these people are so much homophobic. Let me hope you remember the fight which took place in this camp and almost lasted for a week.

It started in this very area where Unhcr decided to put the LGBTI refugees. It's so sad. Do they want us to get killed by these hostile groups?"

From another refugee:

"While at reception, we repeatedly asked about the safety of the place in community that they're taking us. They assured us that we gonna be put together but what they did is unthinkably unsafe.

We put in a community where a fortnight ago,two tribes (nywere and Nubian) from sudan fought and killed eachother,they are relating us to Nubians claiming we look alike.only survived after too much explaining.
We put far apart from the people we know.We abandoned those houses and compacted in one.material on those houses was stolen at night ,the house we slept in was cut and some luggage taken. we didnt fight back in fear of our life coz they had pangas, knivies some had guns.

So we don't know if they were police or thugs or homophobes. Another night is here and we don't know how we gonna survive. We worried for our lives and property. Don't know if UNHCR Kenya do mind about our safety. what do we do....we don't know."


"Am still in reception but on Monday they are taking us in Kakuma 3 zone 3 where they have put other LGBTQ.

But I dont think I will be safe cause aparts from homophobics even my parents are living in Kakuma 3. And they never accepted my sexual orientation.

And that place they are taking us is full of homophobics so am afraid our life will be in danger.

I've been in this camp for almost 5years and all that time I've been hiding my sexuality. But now everyone knows.

My family hates me, they will kill if they ever see me anywhere.

I live hiding in reception I dont even go outside."


The UNHCR told us that there going to build our community as LGBTIQ.

They put us in place like dogs our neighbors is so dangerous my dear even me i want run from this place my dear because my life is not self we come to the KAKUMA refugees CAMP then we told the officers that we need protection but there's people there want to kill us seriously.

Madam here in community the situation is very bad there's no security, water so our lives is in danger because our neighbors there like us so we need help because some of us we going to loss life my dear.

Even yesterday night I was crying because yesterday night I see group of people with big trees and panga. things here is not easy at all."

Please, we need international attention. The UNHCR has left for their holidays, and has just thrown this vulnerable population to the wolves.

I am currently concerned with getting people to safety, and apologize for the frantic and disorganized email...the Facebook post shows it all.


Lisa Mackey
Reykjavík, Iceland


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