Thank You To Kwetu,Sweden For The Shelter and Closure of A Funeral Of One Of Us!

The day, like any of the days in Kampala started with a cool breeze.

Happy Family Youth Uganda, invited all well wishers to the launch of the FAHAD MEMORIAL SHELTER on 9th November, 2019 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm at Happy Family offices in Wakiso-Kasengejje road.

A breeze, that wafted at first slowly and, soon swept all inaction out of bone and sinew.
Limb and joints, were seen bent or straight putting last touches on this and that.

The sun, then threw golden lances that lit every corner at this venue that became a venerable place.

Venerable and solemn.
Solemn and resplendent.
A befitting farewell.
A befitting memorial.
A welcome body communing in prayer and paying respect.
Fahad lives on in form of a house under whose roof many will find un-disturbed sleep.
Where many will never go hungry.
Where many will learn to be productive.
Where many will have their hands craft materials of sustenance.

Thank you, Kwetu from Sweden. 
Thank you to all from those lands far and spread,
whom out of love, compassion and caring made this possible.

A house in memory of Fahad, murdered by long un bothered gangs,
now stands firm to take in those forlorn and abandoned.

An occasion in memory of Fahad, whose last breath was let go in the hands,
of those loved ones surrounding their sweet-one in those final moments with love and companionship.

You have made it possible.
Now there is closure.
Bereavement that reaches this point among the LGBTIQQ is rare in Uganda.
Thank you for facilitating this.

And all who supported this, thank you!
Fahad, rest and slay all you can without anyone getting in your way!

Closure during  Fahad's Funeral
Bereavement brought to closure. Thank you to all the friends for the support


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