Results Based Funding Straightens HIV Eradication Planning; Lessons For KP-led Organizations

We have heard of Results Based Funding (RBF) where mechanisms are put in place for reporting interventions that work, are planned to occur at a specific time and all actors are informed of how outcomes will pan out. 

It is an incentivization with financial, equipment and material components. These are provided to organizations if agreed results are pointed out and all effort is made to meet them.

It also subsidizes such overhead expenses like office space rent, utilities, transport for staff, fuel/mileage for community outreaches, research, development, job and overall security.

The International Development Partners behind this model are USA and The European Community in Uganda.

However, the downside is that for some organizations, there is pressure to spend say, PEPFAR among the different organizations that received it.

There are 4 stories we want to share with you that we, have come to know of. 

They received money to do HIV work but are not in position to do so. Some are using the funds for casual, leisurely travel; while others are under so much pressure to get patients tested and on drugs. They are forcing patients to admit they are "HIV positive!"

Organization 1.

It was given PEPFAR money but it has never handled HIV Programming at all. All they do is to do work around human rights awareness or travel to South Africa. As we write this, this organization leader, is planning to visit Mombasa to spend three weeks there. All this despite being given tasks to streamline HIV Programming among LGBTIQQ in Uganda. What a waste? Why not use HIV Programming Compliant organizations?

Organization 2.

It was given PEPFAR money because it has all their documents well prepared and audited. But, guess what? They use names collected from schools in rural areas and submit these as "Lists of Attendance." This has helped them cut corners and up to today, they still receive Global Funds. They are now recipients of PEPFAR funds! As we write this, the executive members are in a bar somewhere in a Kampala suburb drinking away all the money! So, despicable!

Organization 3.

It was always providing Public health oriented, evidence based, cost effective HIV Programming services. It was sidelined and up to now they have not received PEPFAR funding.  As we write this, 14 beneficiaries who are cared for by this organizations were supported by private/individual funds to go and have their Viral Load Tests done at Entebbe to ascertain whether they have attained the Undetectable milestone. And still no support from PEPFAR, yet the money was released to serve LGBTIQQ!

Organization 4.

It received a lot of PEPFAR and DANIDA funding. So, they are "forcing" patients to get on ARVs; and picking up people off Kampala streets, pay them to admit to HIV Positive diagnosis because they want have the right accountability. This case reminded me of another at Kabwohe Health Center IV. Read the Independent.

We hope there will be genuine results based funding targeting LGBTIQQ-led organizations. That is a deep and daily said prayer from KGN.

Forced to give accountability for HIV Funds, organizations are picking up people off Kampala streets and paying them to admit they are HIV Positive. Photo source: Independent


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