LGBTIQ+ Mutual Aid Groups Provide Social Support Mechanisms Addressing Trauma And Depression Two Studies Find-Part 2

Two studies one by Muyunga-Mukasa and another by Ayesiga, targeting LGBTIQQ communities show the resilience they exhibit amidst persecution, dejection, rejection, destitution and how they have arisen to craft and create their own paths to a happy life.

They are no cry-babies no more!

They have leveraged their situation and engaged in activities to promote self-belief, self-preservation and self-determination. They have harnessed their agency and navigated the social contexts as they enhance their autonomy. This is in form of daily activities of life: dressing, housing, talents, expression, and productivity, commitment to work and how they appropriate resources around them.

This is an abstract of the study conducted by Muyunga-Mukasa in 2019. The study established how story telling is a mechanism by which LGBTIQ+ are reconstructing productivity, meaningfulness and setting up paths for self-determination.

Technology, LGBTIQQ-themed Messaging and Proxies for Coping; Refugee LGBTIQQ Resilience Stories, 2017-2019


The capacity for recovery over life course of refugees should not necessarily be equated to toughness. This ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or adjust to a new life quickly, is informed through consistence, popularity, trends of themes, bias and demand and different messaging dimensions. This study aims at finding out how Refugees, through Tailored Resource Utilization and Mobilization (TRUM) characterize the dimensions.


Meta-analysis of self-reported narratives, anecdotes, computer-based social media files and recorded reports; compute number of skits made since 2017; follow up comments. These are proxies of messaging.


250 social media hits using Whats App, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles were divided into 5 messaging clusters: 40 Cautionary cluster, tell stories, lived experiences and give guidance; 70  Motivational cluster, make one say, "Even I can do that." These contained optimism, self-care and asked one to embrace change; 60 Inspiring cluster, contain visuals or messages that disrupt the gender norms as we knew them; 40 Value and Belief system enhancer cluster, show specific set of behaviours or actions necessary for  confidence building; and 40 Prompter cluster, contained problem posing, solving and prodded one into action.


Story-telling, giving and receiving positive feedback are innovative, flexible, essential and thematic ways non-government providers use technology to rebuild coping and thriving cultures.


Future research should explore the link between messaging continuity and trends of themes.

LGBTIQ+ have reconstructed means to a life where they gather happiness one laughter a day. They are no cry-babies no more. They have a positive side they are showing to society. 


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