Key Population-led Organizations’ Livelihood Promotion Sessions Targeting The Rural Youths Part Of Answer To Rising Crime

Rural areas of Uganda, have fast growing urbans and a large youthful population who are yearning to survive and thrive. Subsistence in these areas are based, quire-markedly in semi-mechanized agro-economy, with social services limited to households with yard gardens, roads, schools and hospitals. Agriculture is so laborious and the chores require spending long hours of the day in the gardens or farms. It is not surprising that many youths miss school. Crime is rising in these areas as well. It is hoped that equipping the Uganda Police with mobility equipments will enable them be mobile, swift and cover cases of crime in a timely manner. But, what about looking into mentoring and grooming efforts targeting rural youths? That remains to be seen too. 

For those interested in reading about initiatives in rural Uganda please see:
Meanwhile, we bring you this story on how crime is characterized in rural Uganda, by THE INDEPENDENT | The European Union and Uganda police have extended the fight against crimes in slum areas in Masaka region. See: EU, police takes fight against crimes to Masaka slums

"A campaign to fight crime in slum areas in greater Masaka region was unveiled on Friday during a town hall meeting at Maria Flo hotel.
The campaign is jointly sponsored by EU, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Uganda Police Force.

Michael Kisitu, the coordinator of the project International Organization for Migration told the meeting that the project is intended at boosting trust between slum communities and police to exchange ideas on preventing radicalization and strengthening stability to fight crimes such as terrorism.

He says they intend to empower youths and women in slum areas of Masaka to enhance their potential and resilience to fight crime since criminals always target young people in slums.

Kisitu says a study they conducted showed that unemployment and drug abuse among youths in slums is the leading cause of crime, saying they have to engage them in some work.

Kisitu says that they intend to equip youths with skill to make them productive citizens and thus become constructive and positive forces in their communities.

Hussein Nsobya, an officer from the Police Anti-Terrorism unit, says many youths need quick and easy money without working, which draws them into terrorism and other criminal activities.

He says during the campaign, they will sensitize youths and other people in slum areas to change their mindset.

Luke Owesigire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, says they decided to extend the program to other parts of the country after completing slum areas in Kampala."

Source: USAID

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Source: Uganda Rural Fund

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Source: YITDEV


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