Ugandan-born American HIV Activist launches Kampala Sexuality Journal

Ugandan-born American HIV Activist launches Kampala Sexuality Journal. 

In the journal both peer and non peer reviewed articles on sexuality, orientation, gender, health and development will appear.  
They will be sourced from across the world. Anyone is welcome to contribute articles.

Guidelines for Guest articles or  Posts

The Kampala Sexuality Journal (KSJ) welcomes contributions to our platform from guest authors. 

Goal: Guest articles or posts should provoke attention to what needs to be done by raising questions, discuss lessons learned, analyze interventions, describe research, offer recommendations, share resources, and/or offer critical insight. 

Audience: The audience for the KSJ is politics, religious, education,  environment, health and development professionals working to improve dignity of all persons around the world, primarily in resource-constrained settings. 

Tone: Conversational. Articles and posts do not need to meet extremely rigorous peer-reviewed publication standards but should be well-composed and well-written. 

Format: Choose your way and style or approach. Use a framework broken down in a way to question and answer as well as list lessons). This can be one way to organize the articles or posts. 

Length: 600-800 words 

Details: Please do not forget to include the author/s’ name, title and organization affiliation. 

As much as possible, please include links to sources such as websites and/or publications. You may also include photos and videos; please provide a caption and a credit for any media. 

Restrictions: Please refrain from institutional promotion. 

Publishing rights: Guest articles and posts published on the KSJ can be repurposed or redistributed but first inform the editor please. We continuously improve on the articles so it helps to monitor any changes to avoid mixing up messages.
Submission: Please email us at Contact: 

Our team will review your article or post and may request additional information or edits before accepting it for publication. If edits are needed, we expect guest authors to return revised posts to the KSJ within 5 business days to be considered for publication.


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