Q And A Forum: Establish an Ombudsperson For Proper PEPFAR Value For Money Practices

HIV Prevention in Uganda where KP-led organizations are empowered with skills to steer response is commendable. 

Let us start with all KP-led organizations declaring assets of individual executive members. 

It enables actors to judiciously conduct value for money activities. 

The four way test approach

  1. Ensure that you separate your personal expenses from the organization expenses. These are not like gin and tonic but rather like water and oil.
  2. Draw an activity plan to follow daily, weekly, monthly, mid-yearly and end of year.
  3. Generate an inventory of your personal assets that you have had before you got PEPFAR funds for running the organization.
  4. Share this inventory with the chief finance controller or ombudsperson as an accountability best-practice.
We hope this will be a baseline best-practice that will then steer organizations toward realistic HIV-Response. 

Hold KP-led Organizations accountable.

All the best.


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