Key Population HIV Programming Kicks Off An HIV Prevention Streamlining Dialogue Session

Kampala Gay Newsletter, brings you news about Key Populations in Uganda. President Donald Trump of USA walked the talk and provided PEPFAR funding. 

We want to see how this money will be used and we put up a bet. 

We want to call President Donald Trump’s bluff. We are not Shit hole Countries and to prove it we are going to spend the money for the purposes of ending HIV in Uganda. 

We shall not delay releasing the funds by coming up with non-issue excuses. We shall make sure that all those organizations which get the KPIF money will be diligent,  judicious enough and spend it toward the items stipulated in their proposals.

The term Key Populations (KP) encompasses all those population groups in which infections, chronic illnesses, vulnerability and susceptibility to risks has tended to be disproportionate from that of a baseline population.

Among KPs, certain infection patterns may be going up while in other populations low incidence (rate of occurrence) and prevalence (a population which has a given disease at a particular time) are perceived. 

According to CDC’s Division of Global HIV and TB, Key populations refer to groups who are disproportionately affected by HIVAs these populations are often marginalized within their communities, they are generally hard to reach and, therefore, hard to sample for representative biobehavioral surveys. Key populations (KPs) – marginalized and stigmatized populations including men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers, people who inject drugs, and transgendered women – bear not only the brunt of the HIV epidemics worldwide, but also suffer impeded access to HIV testing and treatment. Because KPs are socially hidden, sampling frames are non-existent, making it difficult to conduct surveys to examine their burden of disease and level of access to HIV services. Complex sampling designs are needed to overcome this challenge and provide population-level estimates for the burden of HIV, risk factors for HIV infection, as well as for the uptake of services among these populations. 

The US has demonstrated a deeper  commitment to Key populations. 

So, President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) announced a Key Populations Investment Fund (KPIF). This is to increase access to quality HIV services for these groups. 

The aim of this fund is to identify, measure, and change the complex dynamics driving stigma, discrimination, and violence as well as to expand key populations' access to and retention in HIV prevention, treatment, and care services.

The Uganda KP Coalition was involved in talks with CDC/PEPFAR on how well KPIF can be used. PEPFAR will go a long way in establishing a culture of HIV Prevention accountability in Uganda. This is commendable and creates institutional precedence entrenching HIV Prevention best-practices.

According to a tweet from SMUG 2004 “Sexual Minorities Uganda has today joined other Key Population-KP organisations for a meeting with @MildmayUganda to discuss the bidding processes for the Key Population Investment Fund. We are delighted that CDC implementing partners are engaging KP Organisations directly."

In another tweet SMUG's staff gave a talk on the need for KPs to work as a united team. This is so important and it is the hallmark for HIV Prevention.

"While speaking at the meeting our Research and Documentation officer @richardlusimbo said having all concerned stakeholders unite and share ideas will help improve Key Population HIV programming," highlights the tweet.

Uganda has over 44 organizations registered under the Uganda KP Consortium and it is our hope that all of them will be facilitated to gain HIV Prevention knowledge and skills. This in turn will be used to fight HIV among the KPs. We are going to diligently follow up all the organizations and ensure the KPIF facility is not misused.

Thanks PEPFAR, thanks Government of Uganda, thanks CDC and all CSOs involved in fighting HIV in Uganda. 

KP Organizations in dialogue with CDC Uganda. Source: SMUG 2004


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