Q And A Forum: Sex And Gender Conversion? Dangerous,Traumatizing And Heinous

There are some who see LGBTIQ+ as sexually or gender "broken." A dysfunctional phenomena! 

To them, to act Straight or heterosexual is the only right way. 

There are some who go further to use their religions as corrective sanctuaries. They pass edicts and pronouncements condemning the LGBTIQ+. And when they agree with them, they prescribe celibacy as the only way of life they condemn them to. But, this is assuming so much along sexual activity as the only obsession LGBTIQ+ live by.

When LGBTIQ+ are reduced to sexual nymphomaniacs, there is so much missed about their contribution to humanity. There are more forms of expression by LGBTIQ+ other than sexual activity. Some just want to share the same work-space, housing community, education facilities, engage in community activities geared at developing societies.

There are some who prescribe Sex or Gender Conversion which ranges from subjecting one to torture, ridicule, lynching, battery, touching or fondling genitals, praying over, forced marriage arrangements, corrective rape, murders, ritual killings, banishment and the like. This leads to high rise of children leaving their homes or communities or dropping out of school. It leads to communities taking it upon themselves to treat LGBTIQ+ inhumanely and to their death in some instances.

According to New Ways Ministry, using Sex or Gender Conversion leads to susceptibility to suicide. For more see: Former Irish President Condemns Courage International.

Former Irish President Mary McAleese Courtesy: New Ways Ministry


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