Kampala Tatler #7: Is This A Lodge Or Motel?

Deus’ assistant left them discussing amongst themselves and walking one foot forward and another following, with head raised and looking straight ahead, repeatedly, got home.
The day had ended successfully. After a while, there was a knock. 
Deus wondered who it could be at that hour. It had been an extremely long day, even for the assistant! Canine needed to be fed and put to bed in a very warm and comfortable cushion by the side of the warm fire hearth. This pet had more amenities than many people this assistant led!

The assistant went to answer the door of the grand house on top of the hill.
“I come to you with so much fear but I know you are the only one I could turn to. I have no place to sleep,” said the ‘sometimes man sometimes woman’ person, pleadingly, peering through the half opened door. This person was invoking Section III, Article one of the Benchmark.

The assistant looked at this reject on the doorstep. The assistant entertained a secret glee everytime Society talked of ridding itself of these kinds of people. The assistant could not make this known and could not share it with anyone except perhaps Canine! The assistant used to talk aloud in the grand house which they shared with Canine.
“What are you doing here?” asked Deus' assistant again, as if from a trance.
“I need a place to stay,” said ‘sometimes man sometimes woman.’
“Is this a lodge or motel?” asked the assistant.
“No it is not, but I came to you knowing you are our leader. I have spent nights in the open, am so hungry, thirsty and so cold,” replied ‘sometimes man sometimes woman.’
“Look, you, ‘sometimes man sometimes woman’; you have come at a wrong time. Am about to feed Canine and get her to bed! I cannot help you. Am so busy. Sorry,” said the assistant as the door clicked shut with a very loud bang in the face of ‘sometimes man sometimes woman’ person.


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