Kampala Tatler #5: The earlier days of Society

Deus continued instructing the helper in ways to manage Society as an assistant and helper. Deus was a very patient Teacher and Deus’s helper gained the skills slowly but surely. Many times the helper would fail all the sets of activities and they would go all over again until the helper was passably competent.
“There are seven sections in the Straight Code and you must learn to apply all of them equally and carefully,” said Deus to the assistant.
“Remember to encourage as many as possible to learn skills of carrying out their duties and conducting themselves responsibly,” continued Deus as the assistant was placing one foot ahead and looking straight ahead in the style of walking popularised in Society. It would soon be termed the ‘walk of society’.
“One leg forward, straight face ahead with the other leg following in sequence,” went on the assistant before a loud trip followed. Deus rushed to help the assistant and patiently started all over again. Satisfied that the assistant was catching on gradually, Deus introduced the second activity of walking backwards but warned this was only in sport.
“One leg back, torso straight, followed with the second leg. One leg back, torso straight, followed with the next leg,” went on the assistant and then there was a loud clatter as tins and empty buckets flew in all directions. The assistant hurried to get off the ground, but not before Deus appeared. Patiently as ever, the assistant was taken through the paces until the back-walk gait was superbly held.
“Are you going somewhere? I see you have packed and your walking staff is leaning on the door,” enquired the helper.
“Yes, am leaving you for sometime but will be back. Look after Society and guide it well,” said Deus.
In Society there are humans, animals and nature. Learn, observe, value and encourage the humans.  Show attention to the animals and value nature. That way Society will live on longer and happily. I have taken all measures to train you well so do not be afraid. Teach with patience, judge with caution, rebuke softly, encourage loudly, do not be clouded by anger, seek to observe, give attention, share the little, build capacity, empower the young and welcome the helpless.  Do not curse in anger for the person or relatives or community to which the curse is directed will all die. Do not use the powers you now have in vain,” warned Deus. As soon as these words were spoken, Deus disappeared.


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