Kampala Tatler #25: Two Amongst Us

Da mihi, Domine, scire quod sciendum est-
"Grant that the knowledge I get may be the knowledge which is worth having!"

There is the Restrorer Keeper (RK) and Ripper Raker (RR) both walk, live, talk, smile, cry, lie, conspire, speculate, breathe, sleep, eat, survive and generally are always among us.

There are lessons we pick up from them.

RK is a worthy busy body, accomplished by all Kampala standards, virtuous, plenty of generosity, restorer of justice, frugal in manner, believes in the common good, artsy, is about gains that everyone benefits from. A promoter of dignity for all, savoir faire, zeitgeist and genteel normalizer. A person whose moral virtue stands like a mango tree in full bloom that one can pick from it modesty, benevolence, temperance, honesty, chastity and complete decency. The very kernel and quintessence of upliftment and generosity.

RR is so rich but lives a life of meanness, scrupulous, base, crafty, generally evil, profits and all the rest lose out. The hands that gather ready the collections for destructive kicks. That charming face belies an evil mind, predatory at every move, articulate enough that angels can be tempted into a second fall. Climbs ladders of prestige on rungs of activism. Not averse to acquiring social prestige, cultural polish and status based on the downtrodden and not the uplifted!

Money used to make more money is an emulable skill, after all sustenance in a cash economy runs on money.

Blood money vs. Benevolent money.

It becomes Blood money when not used for what it was meant to do. Such as its being used to lay strategies for more money, purchase estates, titles, purchase status in Kampala and lock oneself in. Then abandon the social causes benefitting LGBTIQQ and selfishly gluttonize all the money. Emulate modes, mores, cultural ill-ideals of fashionable Kampala glitterati, beau monde, fancy dresses, gambling LGBTIQQ money away at the Casinos, gossip, masquerades, intrigue, beer, bad breath, ostentatiousness, vanity, snobbery, self-interest, insincerity, moral laxity, slavish devotion to trappings of fast life the preserve of show-offs, insecurity, high maintenance, high style and a sexual libertine culture whose only censors are Sexually Transmitted Infections!

The showoffs speak but say nothing of relevance, nothing that comes out of their mouths make more sense anymore! They rally already desperate communities but the venues and agendas are non existent. They sing but no music is played. They talk but utter nothing. They drink, cheat, whore, swear, run in debts, pee on street lamps, horde laptops, loiter aimlessly, are extravagant, thrive on stylized amorality and are a sexual social barracuda you don't want up your genitalia or mentalia.

The restorer has a seductive charisma and verbal mastery. Affected, of substance, relevant, dresses for the occasion, never gives up  and has maintained the moral fibre that LGBTIQQ Community will use to take back the true pride that is a common good for all. Though, the restrorer is judged harshly:

"No nonsense, incorruptible, principled, cockeyed wiseacre..."

"Dull, results-oriented, too educated.."

" ....you despise the restorer, but no one here can run LGBTIQQ upliftment programmes better..."

".....the restorer was despised by people who never had a clue of community organization.....they used hateful words and minds to plan and destroy the restorer....."

"....admit it, the restorer was here for the good of the entire LGBTIQQ, but your greed, ego and ignorance has put LGBTIQQ Community back so many paces. It is you who have fancy cars, fancy apartments, fancy per diems that enable you fly to New York.......or South Africa....."

"Your egos destroyed all of us and we are not going to sit by watching you drive very expensive cars at our expense. We do not mind you getting whatever you have. We are against you not having programmes that show you even are aware of what the LGBTIQQ grassroots need..."

".....the restorer is coming back like Arnold Schwarzenegger said: 'I'll be back'..."

"Bring back the ideals of empowerment, common good and respect for all....."


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