Kampala Tatler #23: The Character of The Entertainers

The LGBTIQQ witnessed a commercialization of activism between 1999-2019. Strategies were laid, proposals made and costed at exceedingly high prices with overheads such as rent, motor vehicles, per diems, salaries and security fees taking up over 80% of the budgets. 

Fast forward, enter Glamour Activism!

There is now what is known as the Gay Debt, flier-mileage and growth of real estate run by the so called leaders. Great wealth flows to them following their tricks to secure more funding and close all opportunities to the rest. This meant that these so called leaders survive by buying, selling, speculation, wining, dining and dragging. Don't be surprised if they post via their social media handled boasting that they have now secured all the funding to attend the New York Pride 2019! Don't be surprised still if it is them or their same sycophants who have secured funding for the Gay Olympics (the ones who have been attending since you know when)!

It is no wonder that they have forgotten about what it means to suffer for being a non-heterosexual normative conforming person. 

There is Bumpty Nincompoop (BN), the very seed of cunning, vanity, insecurity, affectation, who is the recent addition to the list of the so called leaders. 

With a round belly the size of a beer keg, lips like a flat tyre, scarred and charred by years of taking gin without rocks and a voice so indescribable. 

BN's talents are a combination of a Jack hammer out of control and a shift gear ripping apart the chassis. He is the errand taker and finisher. His cake was in helping LGBTIQQ engage in performing Arts and in this field he was so good. Give the guy credit. Fortunate for him he got all the money he needed to start a music band with equipmentation rivalling that of the Afrigo Bad! 
There is now a music band with state-of-the-art equipment and the musicians in the band are the most exploited minions this side of Kampala!

BN suffered from an infantility so gross that even his toilet habits are still stuck at potty-training! He at one time called himself a Counsellor and laid snares for his insatiable libido. This was his great scene of business. Ever planning the next strategy to lure a boy and this became his principle employment. Choice follies of BN! Vulgar desires that take him in all sorts of pretensions imaginable!

He came with a flash when the anti-HIV drives were beginning to take root among LGBTIQQ in the early 2000s. He even dropped out of University! But, this turned out to become an impossibility for him to escape mediocrity.

Many a boys fell prey to his mellow voice. He abused confidentiality anyhow and would talk about what transpired in his counselling offices.  All stops laid down by confidentiality rules were laid open. Many LGBTIQQ who had HIV or an STI or wanted emotional guidance became the bits of gossip these so called leaders had become source of. In the hope that the leopards found out where their true spots were, the likes of BN will never ever be seen in any HIV intervention work at all. Persona-non-grata!

Let him become a senior or field marshall ( he is wont to acquire titles) in drum rolls!  It is our hope that perhaps, these designs of narratives can enable him reflect and  bring himself back into responsible behaviour. 

Source: Edwincook and for illustrative purposes only


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