Kampala Tatler # 20: Why Do I Circumcise When I am A Pure/Total Bottom Who ONLY Engages in Receptive Anal Sexual Intercourse?

A correspondent pointedly wrote and stated the following:

That I should address her as Leiticia, that was her 'drag' name, and she was acting on behalf of the Trans 5!

She wrote:

Dear Esteemed Editor (AKA Kampala Owl):

We are a team of five Transgender males (Trans 5) in our late thirties and have never been bothered about circumcising. We are diligent genital washers(watchers-beg pardon) and we have no problems as far as our plumbing,as it were, goes.

But, of recent we have liked the message around circumcision and have taken time to  read materials as well as hear diverse opinions. But to our consternation the leaders who seem to be on and off the jets and some have now garnered prestigious awards, cannot cogently give two advantages or disadvantages of circumcision as part of the Combination HIV Prevention Package. We turn to your extremely necessary paper to fill a vacuum! Thank you so much for the compilations.

Why Do I Circumcise When I am A Pure/Total Bottom Who ONLY Engages in Receptive Anal Sexual Intercourse?

Leiticia, on behalf of Trans 5,
Kabalagala Half London 

Leticia of the Trans 5 let me go straight to the query:

A very good question. Thank you indeed! You have heard of Safe Medical Male Circumcision? What about Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)? 

Well those two are interventions provided by qualified persons who are trained to perform the procedure and care for you under medically approved conditions. Now, the reason you circumcise is because you have made the decision on your own and have not been forced in any way.  

You circumcise to reduce your chances of picking up germs in the event of exchanging bodily fluids near or around penis head (urethra). 

There are other ways to give yourself sexual pleasure even without penetrating. 

One such way is suck or be sucked what is also known as "fellatio."  

The other way is the use of sex toys. 

So, when you share them, there is a likelihood of exchanging germs or bodily fluids filled with germs.  

Always use condoms or dental dams consistently and correctly. Use lubricant in penile- anal sex to protect both consenting partners against infection or in case one is infected it can protect against re-infection. 

However, if one indulges in oral sex there has to be protection with dental dams. 

You circumcise to minimize any chances of acquiring or giving infections were your partner to suck your penis. 

Am sure you have such inclinations which are part of the throes of those warm moments.

Source: Google Commons

Source: Facebook friend Kilprane


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