Kampala Tatler #2: Leather Case My Ass (LCM)'s Habitation

The discussions going on are no longer the liberating, progressive, rational and collectively beneficial ones uplifting the entire LGBTIQQ but for liberal adaptations of activism addressing where the next expensive suits can be ordered from. 

Today, the word on the street is whether or not that expected sum of money from USA, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria and Australia will be used to complete a mansion in the suburbs of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and none about the HIV epidemic decimating the LGBTIQQ Community. Commercial Activism has set in!

Commercial Activism's symptoms are: Long serving leaders; duplicity of organizations under one movement whose leaders report to these Long Serving leaders; sycophant replacements who serve in powerful positions in these duplicated organizations; impromptu press releases on non actionable themes which take time away from worthy causes; lack of accountability for funds; disrupting autonomy and the work of well meaning organizations; photo opportunities with well run organizations..... to name but a few. 

These have complicated the social relations, psychological stability and ethical norms within and without the LGBTIQQ Community. 

Commercial Activism now thrives on credit capitalism and speculative imperialism. This is in contrast with the morally sustainable vision of a dignified LGBTIQQ whose social life is uplifting one another. 

It is the ideology on which the so called leaders get their daily cake but deny others the bread! The LGBTIQQ Community should not endorse this kind of lifestyle for it spawns greed, luxury and ruinous personal debts because the so called leaders are living in a bubble! Once this bubble bursts it will foul the very air everyone breathes.

Leather Case My Ass, Fund Don Raiser and Honorary PhD from now on LCM, FDR and HP are so busy and have their programme for the day so full. This is how they chose to manage their affairs: filling the gas for that luxury car; fixing the plumbing to the apartment block; picking up laundry from the laundromat; attending the Kampala Casino Tuesday draw; Human Rights Networking Conference; Birthday party for....

Meanwhile at Nakulabye at around 3:30pm, a Bisexual woman with malaria (Gorreth 32 years) who had been bedridden for the past two days is in excruciating pain. 

Diagnosis: Temperature-High, Febrile & Aneamic. 

A friend caring for her tells me they contacted the Lesbian Support Organization (LSO) for emergency help two days back in form of money to attend at a clinic. No one from this LSO bothered to get back to them. Not surprised! 

Gorreth is added to the list of persons I have to visit this week. That is 17 in total and it is only Thursday!

Text Message from a Key Mobilizer in Namuwongo : START🔺 "Hi please find time, we have two cases you need to see."🔻🚗🚕 STOP

Tonight at LCM's apartment is the venue for a combined event: birthday party for Apple 1,  a makeup party for Apple 2, a combined 6th anniversary for "the winning of the Court case Yolanda, Jessica Vs. Uganda," and 5th anniversary after the annulment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 and  other items. But, just last week they had a party to celebrate these very anniversaries or something to that effect! Glamour Activists!

The Apartment is in a very fashionable sub-urban of Kampala renowned for grand homes with manicured lawns and large strips lined with fancy shopping malls.

Funders provided so much to this LSO. Part of that money will be used for a road trip across and around East Africa. They also have money to pay for tickets, lodging and some change for an event in New York next Monday. The same 8 people who have always gone for these kinds of trips are the ones going to New York on Monday! Glamour Activists!

HIV Must Not Win!

Picture Source: Google Commons


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