Kampala Tatler #10: Sliders And The Ideals Of Life

‘See change’ and ‘Change shared’ leaders of slider-diva humanness Organisations have called on their members to be cautious and adopt a security conscientiousness of the highest level. They have encouraged members to avoid isolated places, if possible keep in groups, have proper identification; continue with their studies for those in schools and for those at various job placements to continue working diligently.
‘See change’ and ‘Change shared’ are two foremost slider civil rights Organisations working tirelessly to bring to the forefront issues of sliders. The leaders need to be supported in this kind of work. Society is a large country with many sliders and it has come to our notice both groups, although supported differently, have helped address the immediate needs of sliders which include: rapid provision of shelter, establishing food banks for those in transit, calling on police in case of arrests, providing medical care for those wounded and ‘change shared’ is even running a transitory home giving shelter to 4-6 sliders for a few weeks until a permanent home is available. Unlike ‘Change shared,’ ‘See change’ is supported, however, with lots of funds by well-wishers and from Oversee. It is hoped ‘change shared’ will be a recipient too if fairness and representation is to be seen across the board.


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