Q And A Forum: The Meaning, Routine, Discipline and Motivation Behind Being Accomplished

We must adopt meaning, routine, discipline and motivation if we seek being accomplished. But, what does it take? 

Our senior counsellor provided the following advice during a group counselling session.

The counsellor started off by preparing the group into what is known as reflection by asking very hard-hitting but not intrusive questions.

"When we talk of earning what comes to mind?
How well is one positioned to earn?
How well do we embrace change in our lives?

Sometimes, earning may mean so many things. 
Let us put it at two levels: the intrinsic and extrinsic levels. At the intrinsic level, we strive for self awareness and earn self maturity in form of skills, knowledge, worth, favour, trust and loyalty. 

At the extrinsic level, we strive toward consistency, persistence and innovation. Then we earn credit, ability, discipline and most importantly friendship. 

Once we have worked at the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that make up values, then we shall be on the path to having income. With income generation comes money. 

Those are the hard questions!

Change happens in our lives. But how are we harnessing resources around us to leverage catalytic change. Catalytic change orients us toward meaningful, effective and transformative growth and development. 

Do we position ourselves for catalytic change and not just mere change? Keep good company, keep fit, open avenues to have an income and lastly be humble.


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