Q And A Forum: Going Out, A necessity or Luxury?

To go out is a term one may mostly find used in American idiomatic English. One goes out or hangs out with buddies. One goes out to for a 'cup of coffee.' It means to leave a place that one is familiar and go out to another where they can relax. The point is to relax. How many times do you relax, leave everything you are familiar with, even get off the phone or social media (facebook, twitter, snapchat, GroupMe, Whatsapp...) for at least 10 minutes? Make it a habit to move out to places that make you relax. It may not be because you are going to have a cup of coffee or tea or a beer. Make it work for you. Long walks are ideal too. Go to a theme park or national theatre. When in Uganda, try out the rural areas. Just drive or get a cab or a Boda-boda ( insist on head helmets) and get 10-15 miles outside Kampala. Or if you are city buff, get familiar with the urban areas in Uganda. Going out helps refresh your mind and reinvigorates you. 

Source: https://visitkampala.net/business-in-kampala/


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