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Q And A Forum: What is this? I always feel sooo.. tired!

Most of the times, that friend or a person in your network, tends to say things but fails to make a point. This person does it constantly that many of you wrote this person off. Perhaps, you shut your ears, in a sense, when this person starts to say something. This person may be suffering from fatigue and when it is persistent it is called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 
Experts on CFS, say that “often, people suffering from this condition have difficulty forming coherent thoughts and expressing them in a clear and cohesive manner. They may feel as if their short-term memory is extremely limited and that thoughts dissolve in their head. At times, it may be difficult to talk and understand speech. Some people have also reported difficulty understanding numbers, reading a book, forgetting where you put your keys, fail to eat, fail to keep appointments, fail to sleep, feel pain on waking up, muscle joints and pain, vertigo, nausea, PEM stands for post-exertional malaise (a generalized st…

Q And A Forum: Super Brain Revitalizers

Harvard experts find that any form of activity done regularly can help revitalize the brain. But, the activities that use the limb, eye coordination are so good, appropriate and accessible by all. Whether you are in Africa, Asia, Canada, USA, Latin America and Europe your local games are brain revitalizers.

Some examples: Board games, rope games, long distance walks, cycling, biking, driving, going for excursions, writing essays, tidying your room.....
The brain has an in-built agility and it nurtures your personal interactions that keep your mind engaged. 
The brain is wonderfully self starting, self driving, self directing and self guiding….up to a point. 
In other words, even if our brain is safely hidden away under the skull and it may have all those qualities, that is not enough for it to be healthy.
There are things the brain cannot do: self feeding and self rejuvenate are some of such important activities. The brain is what enables humans to move steps from self awareness to self ma…

Q And A Forum: The Meaning, Routine, Discipline and Motivation Behind Being Accomplished

We must adopt meaning, routine, discipline and motivation if we seek being accomplished. But, what does it take? 
Our senior counsellor provided the following advice during a group counselling session.
The counsellor started off by preparing the group into what is known as reflection by asking very hard-hitting but not intrusive questions.
"When we talk of earning what comes to mind? How well is one positioned to earn? How well do we embrace change in our lives?
Sometimes, earning may mean so many things.  Let us put it at two levels: the intrinsic and extrinsic levels. At the intrinsic level, we strive for self awareness and earn self maturity in form of skills, knowledge, worth, favour, trust and loyalty. 
At the extrinsic level, we strive toward consistency, persistence and innovation. Then we earn credit, ability, discipline and most importantly friendship. 
Once we have worked at the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that make up values, then we shall be on the path to having income. W…

Q And A Forum: Manage Your Heart Health

Well, once again we bring you Harvard experts on Heart health advising.One trick is to keep your heart beating normally. This can be by avoiding fatty or oily foods, engaging in exercises, taking regular walks, jogging, biking or doing some ‘hard’ work out regularly. 
By regular they mean, 5 to 30 minutes everyday or once every week. Do not give up and you do not have to do champion level activities!
According to Harvard sources: the importance of maintaining lower blood pressure numbers has preventative benefits. High blood pressure, comes with double the risk of heart attacks and strokes as well as increased risk of kidney failure, loss of eyesight, and even Alzheimer’s. You can access trainings and tips via this link.

Source: Google

Q And A Forum: Mushrooms, a Fungal or Vegetable Plant?

You can make money from growing  mushrooms which are a miraculous plant.
Mushrooms, are low in calories and fat and cholesterol-free, mushrooms contain a modest amount of fiber and over a dozen minerals and vitamins, including copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc and a number of B vitamins such as folate.They contain 19-35% of protein. Milk contains 25% of protein. They are fungal plants and not being vegetables. Experts say they area powerhouse of nutrition. Mushrooms, contain all nine types of essential amino acids. Edible mushrooms are a fantastic source of several vitamins, especially B vitamins. The B vitamins found in mushrooms help your body break down carbohydrates and fats and play an important role in the nervous system. 
Eating one cup of mushrooms can provide you with the following amounts of vitamins, depending on the species: 7% daily intake of B1; 30-35% daily intake of B2; 22-25% daily intake of B3; 23% daily intake of B6. They are also a great source for vitamin D. They c…

Q And A Forum: Going Out, A necessity or Luxury?

To go out is a term one may mostly find used in American idiomatic English. One goes out or hangs out with buddies. One goes out to for a 'cup of coffee.' It means to leave a place that one is familiar and go out to another where they can relax. The point is to relax. How many times do you relax, leave everything you are familiar with, even get off the phone or social media (facebook, twitter, snapchat, GroupMe, Whatsapp...) for at least 10 minutes? Make it a habit to move out to places that make you relax. It may not be because you are going to have a cup of coffee or tea or a beer. Make it work for you. Long walks are ideal too. Go to a theme park or national theatre. When in Uganda, try out the rural areas. Just drive or get a cab or a Boda-boda ( insist on head helmets) and get 10-15 miles outside Kampala. Or if you are city buff, get familiar with the urban areas in Uganda. Going out helps refresh your mind and reinvigorates you. 

Q And A Forum: To Be Powerful Or Stronger? Both, say Harvard Experts!

Most of our clients have expressed joy after the undergoing the leadership journey Life Skills Guidance sessions around from Self-Awareness to Self-Mastery. We prescribed dance moves that enabled persons to rotate eyes, bob the head, crane the neck, move shoulders, lift upper limbs, strain the tummy, bend knees, perform planks, wiggle the waist, twerk the butt, swing legs and wriggle the fingers and toes. Then for fun we advised to add weights or resistance points to the exercises. On top of that we advised timing from 5 minutes and 3 sets to 30 minutes and 6-7 sets with 2-5 minutes rest. We encouraged beneficiaries to use home spaces or if they could go to a gym nearby. 
Many also took our challenge to perform African dance moves in many of the African dances which have become so popular even in China where they are achieving the same results like those seen among Tai-Chi practitioners. These dances are moves/exercises that combine agility, speed, strength, tone and power all in one.

Q And A Forum: A Cure For Cancer Possible Now Or Not?

Thank You!
Scientists are still looking for a cure for cancer. What we call cancer is a general name but it expresses differently. For instance, cancer manifests given the part that is undergoing "damage" or carcinogenesis. There is cancer of the brain, eyes, tongue, throat, skin, liver or different parts of the bodies.
This is because, cancer expresses different proteins through which it attacks cells.
We bring you an article from Israel about the likelihood of a cure. Read and find out the pros and cons.

Source: Google       Cancer attacking cells!