Q And A Forum: What Exactly Is Sex or Gender Conversion (Therapy)?

One of the most fielded counseling need we had last year ( Report, 2018) that featured 1,200 times in 5,400 counseling sessions is sex or gender conversion followed by how HIV is spread anally and third in place was suicide contemplation. Others: housing, nutrition, transport to clinics and forming or joining support groups.

Such questions: "Can I sleep face up and let the sun pass over me as it sets in order for me to gain an opposite sex/gender?" "Can I become a different sex/gender simply by proclaiming it like we see people profess their faiths?" 

We had different answers to the questions and definitely had to first re-assure them emotionally before we even embarked on any other logical step.

But, we promised to bring you information from credible sources. Please read something on the subject from New York. 

Source: Google & https://www.advocate.com/politics/2019/1/25/new-yorks-gov-cuomo-signs-trans-rights-bill-conversion-therapy-ban


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