Q And A Forum: Anal Douching - The What, How and Why

On a topic such as this it’s best to get right to it and dip your toes in…or a douche as it were. Specifically we are referring to the act of anal douching, its reasons, benefits and some good things to know and consider when cleaning the old pipes! It’s also always good to consider hygiene in any anal play whether it is in preparation or if you plan on making anal douching part of the sexual play itself.
Since we are jumping right in it should be noted we will be touching on the dreaded subject of fecal matter. Don’t be skeert! It’s why anal douching is important and since its use is specific to one part of the anatomy both males and females have in common that the same rules apply for both sexes. In fact it should be noted that many people believe the same feminine hygienic products used to douche the vagina are good enough to clean the rectum but most of these products are not created to clean the rectum and contain ingredients that can leave the rectum in an unhealthy state (stay away from vinegars). That’s not the only hidden danger in using douches not made for the rectum, the insert caps can also tear the mucous membranes, leaving you more susceptible to being infected by a number STD’s and HIV. If you are planning on having your partner administer the douche, it can be a good idea to use a condom as the entry tip may leave abrasions and small cuts leaving you more open to infection. A lot of douches (and also enema kits) are made for the dual purpose of anal pleasure and cleanliness. Many have adjustable tips and replaceable ones for specific types of penetration and pleasure. Some anal douche nozzles are formed in phallic shapes or are beaded, much like a butt plug, for this purpose alone!
Another issue to consider is repetition of use as overly frequent use can cause complications and actually go against the hygiene you are trying to achieve. The rectum produces its own natural bacteria and oils necessary to help facilitate bowel movement. When you use an anal douche not only do you clean out the feces, but you also clean out some of those necessary bacteria and oils that are created by your anal glands. This causes the body to have to grow the bacteria again, which is expected but if you use the anal douche at such an unhealthy rate it becomes harder for the bacteria to grow back and for the oils to be produced.
While an anal douche is not necessary in order to have relatively clean anal sex it can definitely help. Many people find that an anal douche helps reassure them about the cleanliness and the emptiness of their bowels and more be more comfortable overall. With comfort comes relaxation, which is one of the most essential parts of anal sex or anal play. Also, as previously mentioned, anal douching can remove the natural lubrication of the anus so it is important to use a lubricant before attempting any further insertion and is also a good idea when using the anal douche in sex play.

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