Q And A Forum: What is Four On Food ?

We came up with this compilation to enable our readers link the role of food security in optimal ARV adherence. We call it the four on food. We hope you will enjoy reading our articles.

Food insecurity, defined as the limited or uncertain ability to access food of sufficient quality and quantity, or the inability to access these foods in socially acceptable ways.

Food insecurity leads to vulnerability and among sexually active persons,  to increased frequency of HIV risk behaviors, including risky sex and substance use.

Food insecurity is associated with factors linked with HIV acquisition and transmission risk such as: exchanging sex for money and using alcohol, heroin, or cocaine before sex, increased frequency of sexual risk behavior,  symptoms of a STI, transactional sex,  lack of control over sexual relationships, and sexual victimization.

Food insecurity may similarly contribute to unprotected transactional sex between men, for both homosexual and heterosexual-identified men.


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